What is a Live Escape Game?

The Live Escape Game is an extraordinary leisure activity. While playing this game you are entering an entirely new world full of fun, teamwork and mysteries. More…


School of Magic - Dark secret

(For Harry Potter Fans)

School of Magic - Dark secret

The dark magic was shattered into several parts to increase it. Three splinters have already been found by the white wizard and brought to school. Legend has it that the fourth part is hidden in the school. In order to find this, the power of the found fragments is needed. Unfortunately, the white wizard hid the splinters until his return from Wilbursgasse. As a student of the School of Magic, you want to follow the legend and help the wizard find the fourth part to fight the dark power.

School of Magic - Wilburs Alley

(For Harry Potter Fans)

Wilburs Alley

Have you heard that a powerful dark wizard is up to mischief? Wilbur’s wand workshop was attacked and the entrance sealed with dark magic. The magical world has panicked! You are the best magician! You have to fight for us! But you should hurry! With each passing minute the curse becomes stronger and the magical world will be lost forever.
Interesting puzzles and a full immersion in the world of magic await you!

The Lost Island

(For Pirates of the Caribbean Fans)

the lost island

After an intense thunderstorm you have stranded on a desert island. During an exploration of the island you found a totem which led you to an ancient pirate ship. The ship is magically bound to the island and therefore cannot be moved. Find out why the totem led you to the ship and how you can escape from the island.


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