What is a Live Escape Game?

The Live Escape Game is an extraordinary leisure activity. While playing this game you are entering an entirely new world full of fun, teamwork and mysteries.

The game’s process is simple: After a brief introduction by your personal Game Master, your group consisting of up to 9 Players is being brought into a mysterious room. In a given time of 60 Minutes the group has to solve various tasks and find specific objects in order to escape out of the room.  Creative and  logical thinking, a good communication and the combination of different clues will lead to the group’s success. If you manage to escape the room in the given time window you have mastered the challenge. During the whole game a Game Master will be observing the group through a CCTV, allowing him to support the group by giving hints when they are needed. The appearance of the room corresponds to the choosen simulation. The Live Escape Game will help you to improve your teamwork, communication and your creative and logical thinking.

Who can play: Companies, families, friends, students, schoolclasses and more. Attention!: Children and youth under age 12 must be under supervision of their parents or guardians at all times.

If you plan to bring more than 9 people you will need to book multiple rooms at the same time. For that, please call us at +49 (0) 2151 387 392 0. We are glad to help you!


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